Dancing for Dignity suggestions

If social distancing prevents an open event consider videoing it and showcasing it on your website, or arrange a virtual event that families and friends can also join in.

Hold a Digni-Tea Dance

We want you to invite people to have a cuppa, enjoy the music, get some exercise and take the opportunity to raise the profile of Dignity, both in the way you work and the importance of the Dignity Dos.

Arrange a Dance-a-thon

Participants can be sponsored for the number of minutes /hours they can keep going.  It’s about making it inclusive and enabling them to have fun.

Arrange a Dance exhibition

Perhaps your local Morris Troop, can give a demonstration or do you have staff with hidden talents.  What about ballroom or Latin American or even belly dancing, or even a bit of hand jiving in the armchair. 

Do an activity based around Dance

Take the opportunity to do an activity that increases the health and wellbeing of users of services, as well Dancing for Dignity participants.


  • Make sure there are copies of the 10 'Dignity Do's' available for all of your guests.
  • Organise a learning event for other staff to hear about your dignity initiatives
  • Supply information and advice about dignity to those who use the service and their loved ones
  • Ask those you care for to make wishes for the day and do what you can to make them come true
  • Organise an intergenerational visit to a school or community group, or vice versa, using dance as the common theme.
  • Issue press releases about what your organisation is doing to support Dancing for Dignity
  • Introduce the Dignity in Care campaign to your workplace by using downloadable resources and materials
  • Get a colleague to sign up as a Dignity Champion
  • Don’t forget to wear your Dignity in Care badge or wristband. If you are signed up to the national campaign via our website and don’t have a badge or wristband you can request one from us through our website.

Be proud and inspire others

What do you have planned?