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Markers and Timelines for End of Life Reconsidered: an attempt to bring order to chaos 14 posts
Collaborative Care amounts to 'more diffuse' and the NHS struggles with that. 1 post
A brief comment about the Charlie Gard court ruling 5 posts
A paper by Kitzinger et al about the Briggs ruling and MCA best-interests is well worth reading: and my 'but if you were a welfare attorney' analytical 'trick/tool'. 2 posts
12 yr old dyslexia boy 5 posts
That dying Sontaran in Dr Who 4 posts
My Survey of Hospitals in 2014 about an aspect of their DNACPR Forms 1 post
The PDF contains my 'Anne, David and Dr Jones' scenario - it poses the question 'what is the meaning of 'shared decision-making' for EoL at home?' 2 posts
End of Life Decision Making a Personal Perspective by Mike Stone July 2016 2 posts
Mike Stone's PDFs: I hope to post various PDFs about EoL/MCA/CPR in this thread 4 posts
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