How to get the most from the day

How to help the people you care for get the most from the day

  • Include everybody in discussions about what to do on the day
  • Invite people to participate – it does not have to be about you providing the activity necessarily. The people you provide care for could spend time sharing a skill with others
  • Suggest a choice of activities for people to choose from
  • Ask people to invite their family and friends along


How to help your organisation get the most from the day

Making Sure Everyone Knows What You are Doing

It is important not to assume that everyone knows what you are planning. Get as much support as you can for your Dancing for Dignity by ensuring everyone involved in the organisation knows what is going on. Invite everyone along. You can use the sample newsletter article and flyer attached to this pack to publicise your activity.

You could contact local media who may be interested in covering your activity. Many journalists love person centred stories so you can tell them how you are improving the care of individuals. We have a sample press release at the end of this pack that you may wish to use to send to local media/press.

Don’t let it end there

It’s important to keep the momentum of the Dignity Campaign going throughout the year. You could use the event to make plans for further improvements/changes in the year to come. Remember to keep telling people about the work you are doing.

Be proud and inspire others

What do you have planned?