Checklist for setting up events for Dancing for Dignity

If you do decide to set up an event or activity here are a few simple guidelines to help you on your way:

  1. Start preparations as early as possible
  2. REMEMBER you can choose any date in October.
  3. Enlist a committed team of people to support you
  4. Involve everyone in planning the event e.g. patients, residents, management, carers
  5. Identify potential partners and volunteers to help you. Do not forget when you fill in the form online to update us about what you are planning, there is the opportunity to detail what extra help you need. Other champions and members of the public will see this and can volunteer their time to you
  6. Decide if it would be appropriate to invite along any local celebrities. This will help you raise the profile of dignity and your organisation. It may also help you obtain press coverage
  7. Consider financial implications (remember there are lots of activities you can do that do not cost you anything – be innovative)
  8. Organise a plan of action and distribute tasks
  9. Let us know what you are doing by completing the online activites form, and get yourself on the map.
  10. Send out invitations as soon as possible
  11. Plan your publicity
  12. Arrange for someone to take pictures on the day so that they can be uploaded onto the Dignity in Care memory book afterwards

After the event is completed do not forget to evaluate what you have done to make it easier in the future if you are planning a similar event.

  1. Thank everyone involved
  2. Ask for feedback on the event from everyone and use this to build on for future events
  3. Evaluate what you have achieved- is there something you would like to repeat on a regular basis?

Be proud and inspire others

What do you have planned?