Dancing for Dignity - Grace Care Group

'‘At Grace Care Group all of our residents and staff from Oaklea House and Allan House love to get involved in the ‘Dancing for Dignity’ events that we hold in October each year.  It’s a great time for everyone to have fun, singing and dancing whilst raising money for The National Dignity Council. 

At our first event we had a Dignity party at the village hall where residents created their own T shirts in the Dignity theme, alongside lots of other creative poems, music, decorations and games. 

This year we are holding a Halloween themed disco where there will be fancy dress and more creative things for all to enjoy.  

At Grace Care we take every opportunity to help to educate our residents to understand their rights and know their worth, the Dignity principles really help us to do this, at our initial disco we used the word DIGNITY and each resident chose a word linking to the letter, to explain what Dignity means to them, for example D is for Dignity - we all have the right to be treated with kindness and respect. 

Even residents who choose not to be part of the larger group are also included, and when our residents all received a certificate from the Dignity Council for the funds raised, they were absolutely over the moon.”

Julie Jeffries
Director, Grace Care Group

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