Dignity Action Day Suggestions

Have you got time for Digni-Tea?

Hold a Digni-Tea event to raise funds for the campaign and celebrate what you do.. We want you to invite people to have a cuppa and take the opportunity to raise the profile of Dignity, both in the way you work and the importance of the Dignity Dos.

Make sure there are copies of the 10 'Dignity Do's' available for all of your guests.

Construct a 'Digni–tree'

Construct a 'Digni – tree' and invite your clients or guests to write on a leaf what dignity means to them. Another one is red leaves and green leaves, filling in the red leaves for what needs to change - filling in green leaves for ideas on how to change.

Organise a treat for people receiving care

This could take many forms including pamper sessions, local trips, special guest visits or taster sessions such as computing, tai chi, bowls, music, dance, quiz nights, bingo.

Other ideas

  • Make a Dignity cake
  • Ask those you care for to make wishes for the day and do what you can to make them come true

  • Organise an intergenerational visit to a school or community group

  • Hold a party to celebrate Dignity Action Day and get everyone involved

  • You can do almost anything!

Be proud and inspire others

What do you have planned?