Dignity Action Day 2024

Here are just a few of the ideas that some of our Dignity Champions came up with.
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Dudley CIL

Dudley CIL wearing red to celebrate Dignity in Action Day.

Complete Care West Yorkshire Ltd

In celebration of Dignity Day, we have graciously enrolled Tracy and Lisa in a nail cutting course to help elevate their sense of dignity

At Complete Care West Yorkshire, our incredible staff members are always dedicated to improving themselves and enhancing the lives of our service users!

We are thrilled to congratulate Tracy and Lisa for their outstanding commitment to professional development. We applaud their determination and applaud them for their ongoing efforts to provide our service users with an exceptional quality of life. Well done, ladies! 

Bright opportunities day services

Bright opportunities day services wore red and took part in dignity action day 2024.

All clients took part in building a dignity box unique to them. They decorated it, baked cakes and wrote everything important to them. They all enjoyed this activity.

Daffodil Lodge Care Home

We're thrilled to announce that Jay from Herbert of Liverpool has joined us as our top hairstylist, bringing the Dream A Dream Cruise ship theme to life with luxurious salon experiences for our lady passengers. Imagine stepping out of your cabin in your dressing gown for a perm and restyle!

And let's not forget the delectable refreshments prepared by our chef Yvonne from the ship's galley, featuring a tantalizing mix of fresh fruits from the Caribbean islands. Let's all dream of cruising to the Caribbean and bask in the anticipation of warmer weather!

Tomorrow, our passengers will be treated to a sumptuous meal at the captain's table, followed by an afternoon concert featuring the mesmerizing Michael Flatley with his iconic Riverdance.

On Sunday, we'll enjoy a smooth sail to Mexico where we'll dock for two days, then onward to Jamaica on Wednesday. Join us as we make unforgettable memories at sea! #HMSDaffodilLodge #CruiseLife #CaribbeanDreams

Buckshaw Retirement Village

Today has been an amazing day celebrating Dignity Action Day #DignityActionDay2024 which is all about understanding and respecting peoples dignity throughout life no matter the circumstance or environment we are put in.

All staff and residents wore red for the occasion.

We had a talk about the dos and don’ts of actions to others and how important it is to always treat people with respect and dignity. This lead to a discussion and those that participated shared their own experiences of dignity and respect as well as how it felt to have lack of respect received. Each resident wrote a word or sentence of what dignity meant to them which was hung on our tree.

We had a “digni tea” with tea and cakes which everyone enjoyed. This was followed by a word search game which ended up leading to 258 words. Fantastic day was had by everyone.

Beacon Centre for the Blind

Beacon Centre for the Blind – created a Dignity Tree this year – where everyone was encouraged to write on a leaf what dignity means to them.

Poem Composed by Trish Jones on 1st February

Dignity champions can you all hear

As we enter yet another year

Raising our voices with NDC

To demand 100% Dignity

Another DAD day brings us a chance

To be very proud, rejoice and dance

A time to celebrate all the good that we see

In all care provision that affords Dignity

And yet as Champions we all know

That sadly this is not always so

So are you wearing red with me?

On 1st Feb for Dignity

Putting undignified practice to bed

Knowing at night we can rest our head

In the comfort of knowing we do all we can

To ensure that bad practice continues to be banned

Most of us need care at some time

Or for those loved ones of yours and mine

We are power in numbers with our campaign

Anyone else want to jump on our train?

Help us to spread the Dignity do’s

One day it may well be me or you

On the receiving end of care

And we want to be sure that the Dignity is there

As a Champion I will certainly keep on

And ask you to go to dignityincare.com

Read all about all the things that we do

Useful resources and guidance too

Donations are welcome, we don’t get a lot

But dedicated Champions we certainly have got

So yes today I wear red again

For our Dignity in Care Campaign

A bit of fun brings attention to our plea

I really do hope you will join me

Staffordshire County Council

1st February every year is marked by Dignity in Action Day. #DAD2024.

People from Staffordshire are being invited to celebrate national Dignity Action Day by nominating a carer, work colleague, friend or family member for a special award.

Now in their tenth year, the Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards, in partnership with Staffordshire University, will once again recognise the best of the county’s care sector and on 1st February 2024 has opened the nomination