Dignity illustrations and images

Images can be a clear and powerful way of getting a message across. An illustrator attended two of the Dignity in Care Regional events in early 2007 and listened to the delegates discussions about what dignity meant to them, the challenges they faced and some of the solutions they had employed.

From these discussions he created a collection of illustrations. Dignity Champions are welcome to download these illustrations and use them locally to promote Dignity in Care.

To date Dignity Champions have used them in a variety of ways including:

  • As posters
  • To generate discussion and debate at team meetings
  • In presentations to others about the importance of dignity in care and what it means
  • In local leaflets and newsletters.

  • Dignity Illustrations
    These illustrations of dignity print as A4 sized posters and are from the Dignity in Care Regional Events in Birmingham January 2007 and Leeds March 2007. There are 25 images in each file.
  • Photo Gallery - unsung heroes
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