Dignity Champion's Toolkit for Action

People from all walks of life can make a difference and help deliver this campaign.

This online toolkit has been developed to provide people with ideas, information, advice and useful support materials to help them take action to help bring about dignity in care.

It is divided into two sections, each with 10 top tips on how you can make a difference:

  1. A section for "Health and social care Staff"; and
  2. A section aimed specifically at "Members of the public" including councillors, service users, carers, relatives, volunteers and members of local action and engagement forums.

Over the coming months we are also creating a series of action packs around different subjects to inspire and support Dignity Champions to take action. As we develop these Action Packs they will be posted below.

  • Dignity Champion Action Packs
    The Dignity Champions Action Packs have been produced to equip Dignity Champions with useful guidance on specific areas of care/legislation. They demonstrate how you can take personal responsibility...