Dignity Map

The intent of the Dignity Map is to plot out the characteristics of a good service that respects dignity. The Dignity Map focuses on change. Change that will promote, stimulate and drive improvements in care for people and respect of their dignity. This map will help champions view dignity through a holistic approach. Hopefully this map will help you create movement, drive change and work in your organisations to drive dignity forward. The Map breaks down Dignified care into 4 sections. In each section you will find the outcomes we believe help to generate an overall dignified service, indicators that will help you measure the outcomes & key lines of enquiries & evidence that will help you assess the service being delivered.

Focus on the person

  • Involve Indivduals, Carers & Communities
  • Build Better Environments
  • Promote Individual Needs

Dignified & Respected

  • Communicated with respectfully
  • Privacy is respected
  • Dignity is ensured

A better Service

  • A skilled Workforce
  • An improving service
  • Inspiring Leaders

Getting the basics right

  • Accountable
  • Aspirational
  • Lawful

Individually all Dignity Champions can make a difference in their organisation; perhaps small, perhaps large, all this counts and collectively by sharing and learning from each other we will develop a real understanding of how real change can occur and be maintained. Individually and together we can and will make a difference. We do so because we care. Take a look at the Dignity map to understand the numerous aspects to care that should be focused on when trying to deliver a dignified service.

If you have made a change in your place of work, that has benefited the people you care for & if you believe others can learn from what you have done then please submit your case study for other champions to find out about it & improve the care that they deliver.


  • Download Dignity Map and Leaflet
    This leaflet can be downloaded locally and handed out to people wanting the origional version of the Dignity Map and Dignity Leaflet. When printing out the Dignity Map, it is best to print it out on...