Audit Tools

Dignity Champions often ask how they can evaluate their services and ensure they are delivering a good quality service that respects a person's dignity? Being treated with dignity and respect is vital for our wellbeing as it makes us feel valued and worthy. The National Dignity Council believe that 'Dignity is Everybody's Business' and as such we have the power to affect change on both an individual and an organisational basis to ensure that everyone is treated in a dignified and respectful manner.

Therefore we have devised a number of questions that lead to a series of dignity audits based on the work done by other organisations and with their full permission.

The purpose of these audits is to provide the user with a tool to assess and evaluate whether a service has dignity and compassion at its heart.

Dignity in Everyday Life that absolutely everyone can use

Dignity for Organisations such as Banks, Shops, Restaurants

Dignity for those choosing a Care/Health Support Service

Dignity for those providing a Care/Health Support Service

Dignity for End of Life - Organisations

Dignity for End of Life - Individuals & Families

Dignity for those Recruiting Staff for Values

Dignity & Staff Development

The audit tools upon which the above are based have all been provided to us to share with Champions and are set out below. The Dignity in Care campaign does not officially endorse any of the tools, but they can give very good examples and starting points for you to develop your own tools if you so wish.

Also, take a look at the Dignity in action facebook page (opens new window), to follow or initiate discussions about audit tools and training suggestions.


  • Sonnet Care Homes Dignity in Care Assessment Tool
    Shared by Joan Sirett. This assessment tool has been developed to assess the effectiveness of dignity within all units across the care facility
  • Medication audit
  • Dignity Audit Tools - NDC 2016
    Being treated with dignity and respect is vital for our wellbeing as it makes us feel valued and worthy. The National Dignity Council believe that 'Dignity is Everybody's Business' and as such we have...
  • Progress for providers: Checking your progress in delivering personalised support for people with dementia
    This practical tool, produced by Helen Sanderson Associates and sponsored by health and social care leaders in the North West is designed to help care homes to self-assess and improve their practice...
  • Audit Tool for working with vulnerable adults
    This audit tool is for staff working in health or social care with any vulnerable adult. It includes a personal audit and a managerial audit.
  • Audit Tool for working with Older People
    This audit tool is for staff working in health or social care with older people. It includes a personal aduit and a managerial audit.
  • Organisations Dignity Challenge Audit Tool
    Ideas and Actions to help support older people in care settings. The organization should support older people with policies and practices that respect the beliefs and values that are important to the...
  • Older People Mental Health Dignity proficiencies
    St James Hospital Portsmouth have developed a dignity and compassion in care standard proficiencies for nurses which aims to ensure elements of dignity and compassion are understood.
  • Dignity Test Audit Tool
    This is a self assessment tool that challenges care providers to rate themselves against the range of Dignity Tests. Organisations are asked to assess their service on a scale of 1-10, provide evidence...
  • North Somerset self assesment care home audit tool
    North Somerset NHS have designed this self assessment tool to assess dignity in care homes and to become an action plan to improve services.
  • Brighton & Hove Home Audit
    This questionnaire designed by Brighton & Hove council aims to capture residents opinions on how they feel they are treated during their stay.
  • Brighton & Hove staff survey
    Staff attitudes and opinions are incredibly important in determining the quality of service that residents in homes receives. This survey designed by Brighton & Hove aims to understand areas for development...
  • Dignity in care homes benchmark tool
    This benchmark tool developed by Brighton & Hove highlights what it means to them to adhere to the 10 Digntiy challenge points. This benchmark tool allows homes to asses how they are performing in...
  • Cheshire Dignity Assessment Tool
    In Cheshire their Dignity assessment tool looked in detail at what older people, their families & carers really wanted to see. They have split their assessment tool into 4 sections: Information help...
  • Sources of evidence to support the Dignity Challenges
    Age Concern Cheshire have developed this paper which outlines what they believe each dignity challenge is and what 'dignity tests' can be undertaken to determine whether or not the challenge is being...
  • Challenge Audit
    This evaluation sent in to us breaks down each of the 10 challenges to highlight performance indicators, evidence and action which support each of the challenges.
  • Dignity on wards
    This audit tool developed by Dorset & Somerset SHA divides dignity into 5 key themes and uses observation & score cards to determine the level of dignity.
  • Achieving Dignity in Care Homes in Manchester
    This guidance received from Manchester council provides a residents questionnaire and visitors questionnaire. It depicts standards which help homes achieve 'Daisy status' a status for care homes in Manchester...
  • Care observation techniques
    This observation & communication model looks at social history, socilaization preferences, activities & appearances. It will help staff have an understanding of the vulnerable adult in care.
  • Matrons Dignity in care Audit Tool
    This audit tool allows a matron or ward manager to take a snap shot of their working environment to see how they are delivering dignity.
  • Windsor & Maindenhead Audit Framework
    This audit tool aims to find a quantitative measure of the levels of dignity provided for each of the 10 points of the dignity challenge
  • Help the Aged dignity measures
    Help the aged have developed this guidance based on what older people have said. They have developed these indicators of what they think should be measured to assess whether health and social care services...