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If I [a patient] only had the chance to tell my family carer, and if 999 paramedics don't believe my family carer – then how does that work for me! 6 posts
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Mike Stone's PDFs: I hope to post various PDFs about EoL/MCA/CPR in this thread 38 posts
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signs for curtains/doors 6 posts
MCA Best Interests compressed to a single sentence: an ansatz 12 posts
Mike’s Cheeky Blog: the Mental Capacity Act, inevitable unknowns and ‘safeguarding’. 2 posts
I have a suggestion for how family-carers and 999 paramedics 'could be reconciled' for CPR decision-making - feedback from family-carers welcomed. 3 posts
The PDF contains my 'Anne, David and Dr Jones' scenario - it poses the question 'what is the meaning of 'shared decision-making' for EoL at home?' 5 posts
Stop ask to enter 3 posts
The [probably horrible] consequences for a relative of supporting a healthy loved-one's decision to forbid CPR 3 posts
Mike’s Cheeky Blog: the cost of reading. 9 posts
Dignity action day. February 1st. 2019 2 posts
Would people like to contribute brief descriptions of one issue/problem they have with the Mental Capacity Act? 1 post
Time to Dignity Do for Dignity Action!!!! 11 posts
In France death can legally be knowingly hastened during end of life treatment *** Is that also the situation in the UK ? 8 posts
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Mike's Cheeky Blog: Palliative Care, Opioids and 'Hastening a Death' 1 post
Attached is a PDF containing some of my thoughts about End-of-Life: a 'PDF book/booklet' 13 posts