(Northern Ireland) Looking for current/former care home staff and family members to participate in research study

Stuart Bradwel 01/11/23 Dignity Champions forum

Hi all,

I work in public health at Queen's University Belfast, and we're currently researching the state of nutrition and dental health in Northern Ireland care homes. We're trying to interview staff, residents, and family members about this, but as you might imagine, the kind of places that are willing to speak to us aren't exactly representative - they tend to be the places that know they're doing well.

So I'm trying to branch out a bit and ask on forums like this - if you work (or used to work) in a care home in Northern Ireland, or you have experience of a loved one living in this kind of environment, I'd be really interested to speak to you. Anything you tell me will be fully anonymised, will all personally identifiable information removed.

I can be contacted at [log in to view email address]. Thanks for taking the time to read.