Mood Board in clients homes

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As anybody else tried this? Maybe some advice how to implement this and get the service users involved.

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Alex Lewney 12/10/23

Hi Vicky
I typed a response and then realised that mood boards can have two meanings, so added a second paragraph!
Mood boards like Pinterest style collections could be really helpful to help people identify themes of things they like, ideas, ingredients, we’ve used them in menu planning, holiday planning, decor planning. Searching out images, fabrics, memories of places (or foods) especially where it’s hard for people to communicate or formulate exactly what they want and can bring some great ideas and collaboration together.
Yes we’ve used mood boards and easy read charts and PECS to help people express and understand their moods and emotions. Often in bedrooms rather around the home. They can offer a great way of opening up conversations, aid understanding, find ways to help if needed or times to celebrate good moods too! They can look very different depending on the persons needs, sometimes just a 👍/👎. Often we’ve found, once you start you can refine and personalise them to how individuals want to use them.

Hope these two answers help a little but I think opening any avenue to help people communicate is always going to be a good thing!