call for help in research into the use of social media

Liz Taylor 23/05/24 Dignity Champions forum

Dignity in Care has received the following request

My name is Edmund, and I am a researcher at the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC) at LSE. I have been given some internal funding to explore whether ‘social media monitoring' activities can be useful for social care research.

The first thing I wish to understand is how and why people linked to social care use social media. For this, I will run three, six-person, consultation focus groups:
•One with people who use social care services.
•One with informal carers (e.g. people who look after someone else without being paid).
•One with people who work in social care services.

I am struggling to find people who use social care who post about or read about social care issues on social media platforms. Participants must be over 18 (at least for this initial scoping work).

From this scoping work, I want to establish lasting relationships with focus group members and also with organisations such as Dignity in Care. For resulting research applications (using social media to gain new insights about social care issues), I want to invite relevant social care stakeholders to be equally involved from start to finish so that what we find has the full participation of the communities it seeks to benefit.

LSE ethical approval has been granted and please find attached an advert to share in your network. We also offer a thankyou payment of £50 to each focus group participant.
Contact [log in to view email address] if you are interested.