How has the pandemic affected social care workers?

Joe Clarke 01/02/22 Dignity Champions forum

Volunteers needed for research project:
How has the pandemic affected social care workers?

I will pay £20 to care home workers who chat to me about their experiences.


Have you worked in a residential home for older people in the UK during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, have you been affected by:
-things you have had to do, or were unable to do?
-things that other people did, or failed to do?

Our research aims to:
-Give a voice to carers who have had these experiences.
-Understand what these experiences are like.
-Raise awareness about the struggles faced by care workers.
-Find better ways of supporting carers in the future.

It would be really helpful if you could fill in our 5 minute online questionnaire by clicking this link:

In the same link, you can also register your interest in having a chat with us about your experiences (by phone or video call). If we do end up having a chat, we will pay you £20 as a thank you for your time.

Please feel free to share this information with any care workers you know who may be interested.
You can contact me with any questions by commenting on this post or emailing: [log in to view email address]

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