Free Training for Health & Social Care Professionals Within London

I am delighted to inform you that we have commissioned additional training from Carers UK to assist us in addressing one of the key priorities within the national Carer's strategy by 2011 - that of training of professionals across the board, from health to housing, to provide better services and support for carers. Key workers come into contact with carers every day, but may not realise it.

It is important that staff understand the value of working with carers and the different ways in which they can support them in their caring role.

Carers Awareness

This is a multi-disciplinary training course which aims to raise participants' awareness of issues that affect carers. The course is highly participative and provides an environment where participants can explore the issues facing carers in a structured programme.

Course aims:

  • to raise participants' awareness of issues affecting carers
  • to gain an awareness of the physical, emotional and social stresses of caring
  • to recognise the importance of carer input to effective service delivery
  • to have an understanding of how recent legislation, national and local strategies will shape future support and services for carers

Carers Assessments

This course is designed to increase expertise in assessing carers, both through an examination of the relevant legislation and policy and through evaluation of current practice.

Course aims:

  • to inform participants of relevant legislation and policy initiatives
  • to explore techniques and strategies which enable participants to carry out outcome focused carers' assessments

Please also note that staff do not need to attend both Carers awareness and Carers Assessments training as similar issues are covered in both.

There are 20 places available for each event and those wishing to attend should complete and return the attached booking form to

On receipt of completed booking forms we will send out confirmation together with directions for the chosen venue. If you have any queries either telephone Leah Cousins on 0207 217 3216 or email her at