Beacon Council Scheme for Dignity in Care

Warrington is the only council to have achieved Beacon Status for Dignity in Care. We recognise that, alongside other authorities, we are on a journey to improve service user experience of care, addressing all aspects of dignity and respect. Most authorities have areas of excellence and we see our Beacon status as an opportunity to showcase some of Warrington's innovative practice that resulted in a score of excellent by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) for services that respect personal dignity.

Importantly, we are using our Beacon status to raise awareness about dignity in care in all our local services and to raise the profile of dignity nationally, facilitating work with other authorities, many of whom will also have good practice to share.

Warrington has a tradition of strong leadership, valuing quality in services, and accepting responsibility for standards of all services whether directly provided or commissioned. With increasing demand on services and limitations on available resources, we have developed a range of wider social care market approaches with a focus on developing capacity and quality assurance. We welcome the national debate and increased focus on Dignity in Care issues.