Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust has launched a large action plan based on issues we see as related to dignity. The Trust is committed to raising the Dignity profile Trust wide. We have commenced a number of initiatives including a Dignity in care pledge which has to be signed by all new starters at the Trust and has been linked to current staff's Personal Development Reviews to form part of their job spec. Over 70 of our staff, from CEO to staff nurses and Allied Health Professionals have registered on line with the DOH as dignity champions, whilst care assistants carry the DOH's Dignity in Care/ Dignity Challenge cards. Dignity has also been promoted through Essence of Care Benchmarking, leading to the introduction of dignity promoting 'stop' signs for every inpatient bed/ examination room, the removal of split backed nightwear for all patients, the introduction of a dignity policy and a patient questionnaire on privacy & Dignity issues. Other initiatives include a 10 week Dignity in Care/ National Service Framework for Older People Training programme for care assistants and targeted learning in specific areas, including nutrition for qualified staff. The Trust has also developed a new bereavement policy and Last Offices Checklist, supported by a bereavement study day for care assistants and our Matrons have adapted their rounds to incorporate monitoring of the dignity agenda.

Contact: Naz Khadim, Nurse Lead for Dignity in Care. Tel: 0161 331 5202. naz.khadim@tgh.nhs.uk or Jeanette Davidson, Clinical Development Nurse. Tel: 0161 922 4060. jeanette.davidson@tgh.nhs.uk