Residential Care

Care homes are not temporary for residents: they are 'home' to more than 400,000 people in England and because the long-term care setting is both a residence and a place in which health care is provided, issues of autonomy take on greater significance and complexity than in hospital settings.

Here are some resources which aim to ensure that residents within care homes are treated with dignity and respect.

  • 'With Respect' - Dignity in Residential care training materials
    A selection of materials designed specifically for the residential care sector to help deliver dignity training to staff. The materials include example training sessions, good practice ideas and tips...
  • Top Tips For Residential Staff
    This concise CSIP produced poster gives staff within care homes some simple but effective ways to ensure the dignity and respect of older people under their care.
  • CSCI National Minimum Standards
    This document sets out National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People, which form the basis on which the new National Care Standards Commission will determine whether such care homes meet...
  • Help The Aged - My Home Life Report
    Part of the Help The Aged programme of the same name, this document part of a concerted drive to icrease the quality of life of older people in care homes by creating support for practitioners and accessible...