The first point of the dignity challenge is to 'have a zero tollerance of all forms of abuse'. Abuse is at the other end of the spectrum of behaviour from treating people with dignity and respect. Types of abuse include; neglect, physical, psychological, emotional, financial and sexual abuse. It is vital that respect for dignity be seen as important by everyone in the organisation, from the leadership downwards and that care and support is provided in a safe environment, free from abuse.

The Department of Health and Home Office Circular on Adult Protection "No Secrets" (issued in 2001) is currently under review and a revised document will be issued for formal consultation later in 2008. Presentations from the Listening and Engagement events help by CSIP in May 2008 can be found on the ICN website (see below). Local authorities have the lead responsibility for adult protection and safeguarding; for further information about arrangements in your area go to the website for your local council.

The resources in this section offer some guidance on how to respect dignity through challenging abuse.