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Eve Clark 14/09/21 Dignity Champions forum

I want to create my own dignity audit/ spot check, I work in a residential home for adults with learning disabilities and I would like to create a dignity audit/ spot check list that I can use to asses the levels of dignity displayed in staff. Wanted to know what sort of questions or any specific areas that other dignity champions think that I could focus on..? Any feedback is much appreciated

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Joan Sirett 08/03/22

Hi Eve, I have only just read your thread on the Dignity site. (I have been in other care homes helping staff with GSF). Do you still need a dignity audit? I have one that my Dignity Champions use twice yearly. We then discuss at the Dignity Champions meetings. If you need a copy let me know. My email is [log in to view email address]
I understand that you work with learning disability residents but the audit may be a starting point for you.

Sarah Vaughan 08/03/22

Hiya, I would really appreciate a copy of this audit. I have been tasked the job of producing an audit so this would be great help. I will send you an email, hope you don’t mind. Thanks, Sarah

Leah Atherton 17/03/22

Hi both, would you be kind enough to share? I'd like to cross reference with mine. Many thanks, Leah. [log in to view email address]

Jan Burns Moderator 28/03/22

This sounds very helpful - have you seen we have a range of audits that are available on this website? Joan it would be good to have a copy of your audit to share with others if you are ok with that. Thanks

Eve Clark 28/03/22

Hi Joan,

Thanks so much I will send an email over as soon as I can. I would love to see a copy of your audit. Thanks for the response.

Eve :)

victoria mitrea 29/03/22

i am the manager of young disabled and with brain injury setting .
i would love a Dignity audit form as well . i am just implementing the Dignity meeting within the team as well.
thank you

Claire Wright 29/03/22

If I could have a copy that would be appreciated, [log in to view email address]

Chelsea Dillingham 29/03/22

I would also appreciate a copy of the audit 😊 if you could email it to me on [log in to view email address] thank you very much x

Denise Bates 29/03/22


Nkululeko Moyo 29/03/22

I would appreciate a copy of the audit form

Jan Burns Moderator 29/03/22

Please note there are a suite of audits on this website under resources.

Carol Jones 29/03/22

Good Evening

Could we also have a copy of the audit please

Kind Regards

kelly murphy 29/03/22


would you please be able to send me a copy of the audit.... [log in to view email address]


Pauline Miller 29/03/22

Hi all,

Sorry to add so late. Please can I also have a copy of the dignity audit. Thank you.

Joan Sirett 30/03/22

Good morning to all who have requested a copy of my dignity audit. I have replied to most of you.
I am attaching the audit so that those that I have not yet replied to can access it. I hope it helps. Please feel free to change it to suit your clients, I am not precious when it comes to my documents.

Deborah Lovelock 30/03/22

Good morning Joan,

I am a new dignity champion and would find your audit most helpful, please may I request a copy,

Many thanks.

Sarah Revill 30/03/22

Good morning,

Please could I request a copy of the dignity audit also.

Many thanks

Sharon Timmins 30/03/22

Morning Joan! I can not find the link to your audit. Could you please directly send to [log in to view email address].

Thank you in advance.

Liz Taylor 30/03/22

Hi All
There are a number of audits around dignity on the website see the link below, all of which will help you consider dignity in relation to a range of activities.

Liz Taylor 01/04/22

The audit that Joan has so helpfully shared is now available on the website at

Jan Burns Moderator 01/04/22

Thanks Liz

Lesley Smith 13/05/22

Hi everyone, please would it be possible for one of you to forward me a dignity audit also please to
[log in to view email address]

many thanks