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Ordering Badges and Wristbands 1 post
Clinicians and Relatives, Consensus, Uncertainty, Emergency and Trust: a continuation from a Journal of Medical Ethics paper 6 posts
Valentine’s Day - do it with dignity!! 1 post
Dignity action day. 1 post
Dignity action day. 1 post
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(Northern Ireland) Looking for current/former care home staff and family members to participate in research study 1 post
Pad change / slings 3 posts
Mood Board in clients homes 2 posts
Pressure Ulcer's 10 posts
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A Submission to the Ministerial DNACPR Decision Oversight Group 3 posts
Mike’s Cheeky Blog: a proposal for a different type of DNACPR document. 3 posts
Mike Stone's PDFs: I hope to post various PDFs about EoL/MCA/CPR in this thread 45 posts
NHS 'Planning Ahead' seems to be 'excluding' family-carers, and I am very annoyed by this and I want things to change. 1 post
I have a suggestion for how family-carers and 999 paramedics 'could be reconciled' for CPR decision-making - feedback from family-carers welcomed. 10 posts
I think Mr Justice Poole must be wrong in his interpretation of section 25(4)(c) of the Mental Capacity Act 12 posts
I think we need a different way of explaining and teaching the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 8 posts
EoL Interactions between Relatives and 999 Staff and who should complete and sign Records 1 post
I am trying to persuade the Royal College of General Practitioners to change what it writes about relatives when patients are dying 3 posts