Example C – a domiciliary care service

  • Judges found numerous examples of how this care agency promotes its service users’ dignity and respect.  Letters and email from clients outlined how they felt about the service they were receiving which was delivered with dignity and respect.  One relative said: “I heard my father sing when the carers left.  There is a wonderful dialogue between them.  The carer makes such a lovely effort to find areas of conversation that interests him”.
  • The verifier found that the service ensures that service users are kept safe and are treated with respect by having a clear code of conduct for staff and using observation and training to ensure that was adhered to. There was good evidence of choice being incorporated into care plans and into daily life.  Service users commented that staff were ‘respectful of their independence and privacy”.   Active listening was a fundamental approach and staff were seen to go out of their way to advocate on behalf of the service users, and ensure that service user views, wishes and aspirations were respected.  The importance of using the right language was emphasised in care plans and in the staff handbook, and this was evidenced both in practice observed and training logs.  For example, when asked what they would do if a catheter needed to be changed in a public space, the member of staff replied that they would find the most private space possible within the environment.  There was a proactive approach to complaints, with responses including action plans for preventing future occurrence.  There was a strong involvement of family in the planning of support services, with family members being involved to the degree that the service user wishes.  The organisation has a very positive approach to ensuring that communication channels are kept open, and use a range of methods to facilitate that, including picture and word boards, digital technology and the written word.  The verifier saw lots of evidence of both service users and families feeing involved, listened to and provided with mental and social stimulation. The staff team were committed to and understood the ethos and principles of dignified and respectful care.