UKHCA Adult Protection Toolkit

This toolkit aims to equip home care providers with everything they need to write and review policies and procedures for protecting vulnerable adults from harm.

It contains information on:

  • The nature of abuse, and how it is defined;
  • National guidance on adult protection by all four UK administrations;
  • Regulatory requirements on dealing with abuse in domiciliary care;
  • Processes for keeping abusers out of the social care workforce;
  • Issues surrounding the management of finances, whistleblowing and confidentiality;
  • Training including induction and supervision.

All of the above provides an important context for developing and reflecting on adult protection policies and procedures.

The toolkit then moves on to suggest:

  • what an organisation's policies and procedures should contain;
  • how to define responsibilities within the organisation;
  • a suggested process to follow in responding to an allegation of abuse.



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