Dignity Audit Tools - NDC 2016

Being treated with dignity and respect is vital for our wellbeing as it makes us feel valued and worthy. The National Dignity Council believe that 'Dignity is Everybody's Business' and as such we have the power to affect change on both an individual and an organisational basis to ensure that everyone is treated in a dignified and respectful manner. Whenever news breaks that highlights poor standards of care in hospitals, care homes and in people's own homes we are all likely to be horrified and wonder how it can happen.

When we are choosing a care or health service we want to know that dignity and compassion are respected and that human rights are considered as paramount. Throughout our lives, as well as at the end of life we need to know that individuals are treated with the utmost of compassion and that they and their relatives are supported in a sensitive manner. Therefore we have devised a number of questions that lead to a series of dignity audits. The purpose of these audits is to provide the user with a tool to assess and evaluate whether a service has dignity and compassion at its heart.

Dignity in everyday life that absolutely everyone can use

Dignity for organisations such as Banks, Shops, Restaurants

Dignity for those choosing a Care/Health Support Service

Dignity for those providing a Care/Health Support Service

Dignity for End of Life - Organisations

Dignity for End of Life - Individuals and Families

Dignity for those Recruiting Staff for Values

Dignity and Staff Development

We would like to thank all the organisations that kindly made their dignity audits available to us and gave us permission to build on their work.


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