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Liz Taylor 14/01/21 Dignity Champions forum

Oh my goodness what an event - so so very sorry to those who were unable to join us - the wonders of technology and the problems with it. The wonders were that we were able to hold the event with 157 people but the problems that people had with crashing computers or not being able to get in. We have recorded the event and will be posting a link as soon as it can be - so you won't miss out!!. My thanks go to the speakers who Im sure you will agree were very interesting and truly inspirational. They demonstrated different perspectives of going the Extra Mile- somethings that all champions do. Thanks also go to Mark for his fabulous poem and finally a very big thank you to everyone for your interest - doesn't it show just how much these getting together is needed. message from Jan Bunrs

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Rosalie Smith 14/01/21

Hi It was a wonderful event, the poem was so true, and the speakers and stories we heard of "going the extra mile",
There are certainly some kind caring people out their trying to make a difference to other people.
Getting together is so importance, once again thank-you for all the hard work that went into arranging the event.