ordering badges and wristbands

Judita Bartokova 02/01/19 Dignity Champions forum

Hi guys,

i have just signed up recently and i wanted to get some badges and wristbands for my staff, more then 5. i used the instructions with the email address showed on the website ([log in to view email address]). Unfortunately the email request always bounce back stating it cannot be delivered.
could anyone advise if there is any other way of getting them?
many thanks

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Liz Taylor 03/01/19


Not sure what is happening here as we have tested the link and it appears to work. Have you tried typing the address into the email rather than clicking the link. Sorry if that is stating the blindingly obvious. If all else fails please let me know the numbers etc that you want through this badge and I'll try and find another way of replying. Liz {Hon Sec]

becky parr 03/01/19

Hi thanks for the reply,

It doesn't seem to be working, I need 4 oval badges and really am struggling on getting them as nothing seems to be working thanks

Judita Bartokova 03/01/19

Hi Liz,

yes I have tried typing it and copy the link as well, but still it is bouncing back. It would be great if you could find another way and let me know.
I would need 8 wristbands and 9 heart shaped badges all together.