Upcoming debate - "We would like the Government to consider Social Care as equally important to NHS"

Sqn Ldr Alan R D Clark MBE(Mil) MStJ MCGI MCPara MASI RAFVRT(Ret'd) 23/06/20 Dignity Champions forum

Good morning fellow Champions, I hope this finds you safe and well.

Yesterday, i posted about the above debate in the House of Commons on Thursday 25June, time to be decided on the day. I encouraged others to join in writing to their MP's looking for support for the mention. This is a copy what I have said to mine.
My hope is that you will find this of interest and useful if you wish to follow suit. We can make a difference. Stay Safe and Blessings.

Good morning Mr Streeting MP,

1.I write to you as my elected constituency Member of Parliament to seek you support and to represent my views during the above date on a selected petition under the title of “We would like the government to consider social care as equally important to NHS”
2.The existing and now current position of Social Care has been brought into sharp focus during the current health crisis once the death toll became known. In addition to which the reported lack of PPE outside hospitals is a prime example that Social Care provision is very much the Cinderella service, despite the Government’s protestations of how much is spent in this sector. The constant reference to the Local Authorities having been given increased funding for social care is defraying the onus away from Central Government to the Local Authorities in England And Wales. Unlike Scotland.
3.As a Dignity in Care Champion, one of in excess of 116,000 UK wide volunteers and electors, and an Older Persons Champion since 2008 and a former long standing Paramedic in London, over some 37 years I have personally witnessed, both in people homes and care establishments that medical/social care does not always in any way meet the needs of those requiring care and support.
4.The reduction in psychiatric bed spaces replaced with “Care in the Community” was disastrous and saw an increase in the number of ambulance journey’s to inappropriate provision in Accident and Emergency Department for those in need, sometimes desperate need, because the “support networks and emergency contacts” systems regularly failed when needed most. The Coroner in recording a Narrative Verdict when a friend of mine took his own life, stated that he had been failed by the mental health provision in our Borough.
5.It is my belief that over a number of years the social care sector of Our Health And Social Care economy has been neglected, and those that had worked to make this country the shining example it was to the rest of the world, sadly I contend it no longer is, are now being ignored and discarded as a problem as are many of our now disabled ex-service personnel, all of whom fall into the Victorian category for children “To be seen and not heard”
6.I therefore ask you as a Honourable Member of the House to stand up for the rights of those who are in need of social care provision, as your forebears stood up for the rights of the workers in times past when they were also disadvantaged and at risk.
7.If you have any question I look forward to talking with you.

Yours respectfully,

Sqn Ldr Alan R D Clark MBE(Mil) MCGI MCPara MASI Cert HE (Herts) RAFVR(T)(Ret’d)
Pre Hospital Emergency Care Specialist and Trainer
Dignity in Care and Older Persons Champion


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Rueben Hartley 23/06/20

I work in social care, and I feel that without our social care, the NHS would not have an outlet for the pressures that it is and has been under the NHS and we in social care all have a common goal, the wellbeing of the people. I wonder what Aneurin Bevan would make of the current environment. Let's all strive to a team and support each other.