Time to Dignity Do for Dignity Action!!!!

Jan Burns Moderator 01/02/19 Dignity Champions forum

Dignity Action Day today have a fantastic day - Whatever you have planned remember you are part of an army of over 116k people upholding people's right to dignified services. Thank you for your continued support and dedication. Here is a champions challenge - how many people can you talk to about DIGNITY today Dignity Do it - start counting......

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Jan Thornhill 01/02/19

I am talking to a group of healthcare professionals this morning on my views on Dignity and providing examples of what patients have shared with me. Well done to Anthony Archambault of S and A South IDT in Shropshire for organising the dropin session and encouraging staff to sign up as champions.

Jan Thornhill, volunteer with SCH NHS Trust and Workforce Community Volunteer of the Year 2018

Jeanette Grim 01/02/19

We are having a Digni-Tea are our main office. We invited the people we support, staff, parents, guardians, case managers, other health care professionals and the public in general.

Jeanette Grim
Program Manager
HGA Support Services

Jan Burns Moderator 04/02/19

Well done and Thankyou Jan and Jeanette for your dedication to the campaign ❤️

Ana Tirinato 04/02/19

Hi all,

On 01.02.2019 we had our Digni-tea with our clients, their families, staffs and directors.

It was really very amazing!!!

Jan Burns Moderator 04/02/19

Glad your event was amazing. Can’t beat a little conversation I’ve tea. Don’t forget to put all events in the memory book. Thankyou for promoting dignity. ❤️

Judita Bartokova 04/02/19

Hello from Cedar House, Connifers Care, North London.
We have held our first digni-tea party this year, on 01.02.2019 and it was a real success. We enjoyed the time together and had a lovely chat about dignity and made our digni-tree. We are already looking forward the next one!

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Jan Burns Moderator 04/02/19

Glad you had a great time Judita. Thankyou for joining in and Thankyou for posting x❤️

Jan Burns Moderator 04/02/19

Glad you had a great time Judita. Thankyou for joining in and Thankyou for posting x❤️

Julie Minshull 08/02/19

Here at Kingscourt Chester we had a great digni-tea day with everyone getting involved knowing how much dignity means to each individual and what dignity means to them, opens a wide but interesting conversation and the poems and cakes went down a treat. We also laminated a small version of the ten dignity dos for anyone that wanted one to take them away.

Jan Burns Moderator 08/02/19

Well done to you Julie and all at Kingscourt Chester - sounds like great time had by all. I hope my digni-tea event is as successful tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone. You might want to share the poems?