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Shannen Kelly 26/01/19 Dignity Champions forum

I have to do some training at work, I've been asked to talk about the dignity do's and make it interactive but I have no idea where to start.. I did think of laminating the 10 dignity do's and cutting them out, splitting the group into two and getting them to find which ones are correct but also throw in some policies and procedures into the mix so they have to figure out which ones are and which ones aren't, that's all I have, Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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Tania Okeefe 28/01/19

Hi Shannon. Perhaps you could write some scenarios and ask people to highlight where the issues around dignity are being challenged. There are some useful DVDs available as-well. Have a look at you tube too. Best of luck.

Brendan Whyte 28/01/19

Hi Shannen, Get the group to list their "Dignity Do`s" either as individuals or small groups. This will immediately engage the learners and opens up opportunity for discussion.

Claire Robinson 28/01/19

Hi Shannen - if you want to do anything around dignity in patient clothing and we can help in any way be sure to let me know. Here's a 2 minute video about what we do but really happy to help you pull somethings together.

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Jan Burns Moderator 28/01/19

I posted your request on the Dignity in Action facebook page - these have come through so far.........
I did some training split into groups and asked has an establishment how do we promote Dignity in care. Also looking how it links in to person centred care . Also asking them as individuals what dignity means to them x

Hi, We have created a power point, links to suitable you tube vids, a ‘what you should expect from us’ document for service users, a best practice leaflet guide for staff and a dignity in care test that can be done online or on paper. Would be happy to share our resources to promote the ethos of you message me 😊

I used the illustrations available from the dignity in care website. Asked people to discuss and write down what they think of each one in small groups.
Dignity audits completed by each person, encourage them to be very honest, this then benchmarks for each person where they need to be to where they are now.
Scie also have some fab fact sheets.