Support for individual employers. PA etc.

Jan Charles 25/04/20

I think there may be some issues regarding access to available advice as not all PA's
will have access to electronic devices; also as many are foreign, they may not speak or read English.

Many are recruited via agencies, and I hope the agencies will provide the required support. Especially to PA's caring 24/7 for dementia patients.

Jan Charles

Jan Burns Moderator 26/04/20

Very true Jan thank you for raising this - We need to do all we can to encourage people share information and use as many opportunities and resources possible to ensure information is made accessible to as many people as possible.
It is going to be very difficult if people havent got access to electronic devices because so much important information is relayed to them this way. Information to keep themselves and others safe. I hope the PA's step up to find out and I do hope those agencies who recruit them provide the relevant level of support.

Jan Burns Moderator 26/04/20

Jan just went on to an email from Wolverhampton Council and saw that they had this on so there must be some translations for people whose first language is not English,
Latest NHS guideline translated into 34 languages

Jan Charles 26/04/20

Thanks Jan
I think at times like this PA's are particularly isolated if the do not work for the NHS.
As we are talking about electronic devices; I have observed that some GP's expect patients to go onto their surgery web sites to look up treatment and operation information. This means that some patients may lose out if they do not have electronic devices.
I believe electronic devices are very useful, but wi-fi is notoriously unsafe and privacy can be lost.