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Mykel Outhwaite 20/08/20 Dignity Champions forum

I would like advice I work with people with learning disabilities, one lady can sometimes pinch normally if she doesn't like you, but some seniors who don't want to deal with her put her in her room all day and leave her.
Normally because they don't want to deal with her and wasn't sure what to do.

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Graeme Stark 21/08/20

What does the care plan specify?
What risk assessments are in place?
Can the consequences of the behaviour be explained and support given not to pinch?
Does she have a DoLS?

Rosalie Smith 21/08/20

Hi Mykel,
I read that with outrage, been put in her room ,How do seniors get away with doing that and manager now aware. Please do report your concerns to social service, or CQC how sad that this happens.

Sandie sharland 22/08/20

maybe give her something to hold when you are assisting with personal care

Mykel Outhwaite 22/08/20

It's awful the worse thing is if your seen to whistleblow you end up being transferred or they basically find something on you and you get sacked.
It is sad but this is where I work and I have to be here for the vunerable as I have to look out for them because no one else does.

Rosalie Smith 22/08/20

Hi Mykel.
I know you don't want to whistleblow, but you are going to feel uneasy seeing this going on with seniors and not saying anything?. You could always phone CQC and let them know.
Does the manager not see this going on, if she is a good manager she should be monitoring how her Residents are looked after.

Frankie Brady 23/08/20

Can your team refer to the community LD nurse for a an assessment of this lady's behaviour and request for a a Positive Behaviour Support Plan around this?
Perhaps if the staff spent time with her and built a good rapport there would be a natural decrease in her pinching ?? What activities does she like ? is there any way she would stay focused on an activity like art work/ craft/ using a tablet /completing some gardening
Socially isolating someone is a potential safegaurding - what is documented about she spends her day? do people write observations 'patient remains in bedroom' Maybe hint to the staff that a cqc inspector would be alarmed if they didn't see evidence of interactions/ activities.
Keep up the good work, it sounds like you clients really need you

Wendy Reeves 23/08/20

We all have a duty to protect the vulnerable ask your self if this was your family member what would you do !
Call social care safeguarding and CCQ ASAP !
It’s not right it’s abuse

Rosalie Smith 24/08/20

I agree with you Wendy, you can whistle blow to CQC and they wont mention your name.
Look at what has happened when issues are not reported it becomes a bigger issue and if you don't say anything it will be on your mind that you do not.

Nadine Kearney 24/08/20

Please check the care plan to see if measures for this have been documented and approved..but I doubt it in my opinion.
when you know your facts list actual dates and times this happens and check daily records to see what has been logged.
You need to report abuse , if you do not report abuse you may find yourself being recognised as part of the abuse, turning a blind eye is not acceptable
Check whistle blowing policy and see who you can report this to if you feel uneasy reporting internally you must report to CQC or call the number on the whistle blowing poster that should be in your workplace.

Tracey Wakeling 24/08/20

This is terrible behaviour and this maybe why the person is pinching because of the way people are treating her and isolating her like that which will effect her mental well-being and create further behaviour. This individual requires a person centred care plan reflecting on how to provide support and care to deal with behaviours that may be challenging to others.
Another thing that needs to be looked at is what training have individuals had it is no excuse for what has been done but may have contributed if staff have not received correct training and it is not documented how to deal with it

Nicky Cook 24/08/20

This is very sad to hear and appreciate the position you are in work wise as we all work to earn money to pay the bills.
I would ring CQC and ask to remain anoymous, the fact you have raised this issue clearly shows you dont feel it is right and it is eating at you.
You sound a fantastic carer, keep up the good work.

Ron Maber -Jones 24/08/20

I was a carer for five years and sometimes when we visited very difficult
people we were not prepared for it despite all our training and experience.
Often we were late visiting other people and quite stressful.
Frequently we got shouted at for being late because our tasks were not
easy. I seen many carers leave, such a shame because they had a good heart
and very caring.

These tasks were dealing with abusive people whom shouted at you and
refused to go to bed and we only had limited time.
Sometimes families were not friendly.

On the positive side we met some lovely people and so friendly and

Went to one house and a gentlemen very confused suffered with dementia, he
grabbed hold of my colleagues sensitive area around her chest and squeezed
so hard she was in tears.

People do not see this and do not understand why so many leave.
Some left to go into nursing and others could not cope with such demanding

kevin SLATER 24/08/20

Distraction techniques can prove quite positive in cases like this, Surely whoever runs the home knows you can access the local learning disability team for help and advice, its not a failure not knowing what to do the failure is not to act on it and seek the solutions.

Penny Waugh 25/08/20

There is always a way to distract an individual. I currently work as a carer and i would never leave my role. I have very challenging clients, however the reward you get is helping them and changing and improving their life.

The pay is not good, but the feelings a carer has when they acheive, what they thought was impossible is amazing. Watching someone flourish, learn and even more inportantly seeing them smile is wonderful. I had one client, i actally still have her who said " I finally have a friend ". That brought tears to my eyes and all the tirdness all the hard work was worth it.