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jane finnerty 25/03/20 Dignity Champions forum

With so many having to stay at home and self isolation can we share everyones ideas and tips about how we can all help each other not only practically but also with our emotional wellbeing during this time

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Rosalie Smith 25/03/20

Hi Jane,
Great idea, I am not able to visit my mum who is 97 and has vascular Dementia, finding that hard emotional.
I have made a point of phoning friends, and exchanging what we have been up to, and used to love writing letters when growing up, now a days we don't, but going to write to some friends,looking back on family photographs,thought also of writing up what i do each day.
How are you keeping?

jane finnerty 26/03/20

Thanks Rosalie for asking - well here in sunny Oxford with family Your idea about a diary is brilliant and letters and photographs will I'm sure again take on a new importance in all our lives It's reminded me how prints are so valued especially by older and sometimes vulnerable people that may not be online or using social media Maybe we could all think about sending cards letter and prints? I tend to only do this at Christmas but nows the time to do it! How about all teh art work the youngsters are doing - be a lovely suprise to recieve in these by post

Jan Burns Moderator 26/03/20

Yes diaries are a good idea. A daily log gives us something to look back on when this is all over. Me and my family are using Houseparty each evening to keep in touch. I have used my phone to add people into calls keeping people talking together. We used telecon Why Pay. Easy to join up to50 people can join. I did a simple quiz Tuesday night with it great fun. Our church service Sunday night will be a telecon. And on ........,

Debra Sautner 31/03/20

I am from a care home in Hunstanton, our residents, staff , management and the owner have participated in a activity during the Covid-19 pandemic of writing out letters of unity in this crises and each resident was supported to choose their own unity ribbons to attach to local and surrounding care homes to send them too. This gave the residents a chance to feel involved in expressing their individual thoughts about the corona virus and being a part of giving and sharing.

jane finnerty 31/03/20

Thanks Debra for sharing this idea - this is a brillant example of how we can reach out beyond teh 4 walls we are in with the help of others - especially residents who will be feeling isolated just now from family and friends Thanks to you and all the team there Do encourage all go online and sign up as dignity champions