Risk assessment for social distancing for client with learning disabilities

Lesley Clark 19/08/20 Dignity Champions forum

Can anyone give me some advice on how to explain that the hugging of friends is currently not advised as a gentleman we care for is very affectionate. I have to complete a risk assessment for the carers to follow when taking the client out, I want the assessment to be as robust as possible and realistic not just a paper exercise. Any advice will be gratefully received.

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Emma Bartlett-Kelly 19/08/20

Could you create a short social story with whatever format is appropriate to his level of understanding eg photographs or symbols?

Kathryn Murrey 19/08/20

You could try writing a social story which could be read before going out.

Rosalie Smith 19/08/20

Yes that does sound a good idea


There is quite a lot of resources for accessible information and social stories. Mencap usually have good resources.
Also could you get the person to do thumbs up rather than touching, it helped with my clients.