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mike stone 02/05/20 Dignity Champions forum

During this awful epidemic, there have been some interesting media headlines.

One of which, was that relatives were being asked to agree to things. The context involves a patient who lacks the capacity to make his or her own decisions, and who would potentially be badly affected by the virus. So, typically frail or nearing the end of life patients.

Suppose a doctor, asks relatives - here, suppose the doctor asks the patient's son - to agree to what I will describe as 'anticipatory decisions'.

I hope the son, asks himself and also asks the doctor, irrelevant questions, such as:

If I agree, who decided? Did I decide, did the doctor decide, or what?

What happens, if I do not agree?

What happens, if I agree but my sister disagrees?

I hope, more clarity on those types of question, might emerge from this crisis.

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mike stone 02/05/20

Sigh. This Kindle unhelpful 'corrects' what I type.

The ruddy thing changed my 'relevant questions' to 'irrelevant questions'!

Jan Charles 03/05/20

Taking things a step at a time, I would like to know who is deciding whether or not the patient lacks capacity. In my experience, not all medical staff are rained to make these decisions, Also, any drugs the patient is on could cloud the issue.
There was a chief nurse on line who said it was her job to switch off the ventilators for Covid 19 patients..
Are there more gods on hospital wards than it is supposed there are in heaven?


Jan Charles 03/05/20

My reply should say Trained not rained-blooming electronic device.