Policies regarding wet shaving individuals who cannot co operate.

Elvira Niblett-Mowbray 15/04/18 Dignity Champions forum

I would like to know whether there are any Policies/ Codes of Conduct or CQC Regulations etc regarding whether it is appropriate to lift an individuals lips by placing a finger just inside their lips in order to be able to wet shave or dry shave them around that area when they have no teeth and are not able to co operate please.

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Neil Purcell 16/04/18

Hello Elvira when assisting with shaving I would advice not to put your finger inside of lip but to raise cheek bone up gently.
Also not to wet shave clients with open razor if they are type 1 diabetic hope this is helpful for you .

Jan Burns Moderator 16/04/18

Hi Elvira
We have a very active Facebook page - Dignity in Action I will raise this as a question - it will be anonymous. I will let you know the responses.

Jan Burns Moderator 16/04/18

These are the first responses Elvira.
1 I would say complete an MCA 1 ... And do best interest .. if the person pulls away or shows signs of not being compliant would suggest no don't do ... But if he appears fine with it and has a history of being clean shaven etc. Would consult with those who know him etc. To make a best interest decision to safeguard his dignity. The key is to evidence you have consulted with those who know him etc. Remember to document in care plan x
2 Not that I know of however if the person can't cooperate can they consent? If they can't consent I would consider it invasive. Personally I've given countless wet shaves but I have never had the need to do this x
3 I honestly don’t know. But thinking about shaving In That area isnt it more practical to place finger slightly above lip rather than in lnside lips. Slightly above makes the skin taut so able to shave. Inside does opposite so I dont understand why a finger inside lips would be necessary?
With either if the patient pulled away or showed signs of not liking/distress then I would stop immediately. Thinking about it I have given many shaves and never had to put my finger in their mouth!
4 never ever experienced anyone needing a finger in their mouth to shave find I feel it would be invasive. teeth or no teeth I don't feel it makes any difference shaving.