Patient Curtain Dignity Pegs

Darren Evans 20/10/20 Dignity Champions forum

Good afternoon, I'm aware some of you will already know and use our Patient Curtain Dignity Pegs.

A quick update;
Our pegs are now WHITE and printed in bright Red with 'Engaged' to both sides.
Redesigned to stand out even more than our original Red Pegs!
Provide a low cost, effective solution to ensure patient privacy/dignity when used on bed surround curtains.
Specifically designed to be robust and clearly visible.
They are also easily cleaned thanks to their practical flat/smooth design!
Manufactured from high quality materials these pegs will provide an extra-long service life.

You can find full information on them here;

Including details of;
Healthcare Journal article
Royal College of Nursing Case Study.

They are available from stock, in boxed of 50 units.

Some images are also attached.
Any questions just drop us a line, thank you.

Darren Evans
0800 587 5967

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Jan Charles 10/03/22

Pegs are a good idea especially in mixed wards. But are they enough?
In my opinion as both a nurse and a patient it is embarrassing to be in a bed next to a patient even if of the same sex, but to be expected to use a commode or bedpan while in the bed next or near to someone of the opposite sex is unacceptable, or be examined.