My mum is in extra care housing

Rosalie Smith 09/04/19 Dignity Champions forum

What can you do if the manager disagrees with you on some god care practice

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Emma Howell 09/04/19

Sorry to hear this maybe you could speak to your freedom to speak up guardian. If your line manager has not been able to help then try this option.

Tania Hudson 10/04/19

Hi Rosalie, is there a higher manager you could go to with your concerns about the care?

If not, you can contact the Care Quality Commission for advice

Also if you have any concerns about safeguarding you can go to your local council website to find an adult safeguarding team who will also be able to advise.

Don't give up though, its really important that family members report poor care and that they are taken seriously to prevent harm or neglect. Good luck.

Rosalie Smith 24/05/19

Hello thanks for all your replies.
I am always reporting care issues where my mum is, so not very popular with management. Trouble is manage always replies with an excuse for what has happened, however as my back ground is in care i do not give up voicing my concerns not only for my mum but for other Residents who do not have anyone to speak for them.

Neil Purcell 25/05/19

Good on you but if your not getting anything back but excuses I'd take it further and get in touch with care quality commission,there is no place for bad practice especially in care environments.
After watching panorama programme in week all of us must be extra vigilant in these matters .

Rosalie Smith 11/06/19

Any views would be welcome. I am going away on a weeks holiday and a friend is going into the extra care housing where my mum is.
However due to issues I have raised about some aspects of care issues, I have been advised that any friend going into mums when I am away must not speak to staff about any care issues they do not feel is right?
They must telephone me and I must report it?
However I feel if I am away for a couple of days they should report any issues directly to staff, any views on this?

Tania Hudson 12/06/19

Hi Rosalie, I would say if your friend has any concerns about your mums care to address it there and then.

When it comes to care I feel everyone has a duty to report concerns, whether that be a member of the public, friend, volunteer, cleaner, bus driver or other paid member of staff. Have a good break and try and relax!

Neil Purcell 12/06/19

Hello Rosalie
Anybody can report a concern about care its called safeguarding mention this to the care home it should concentrate their minds.
Hope this is some use for you and your friend and I hope you can get a much needed rest .Neil

Carly Morgan 12/06/19

Can you give some more details?

Is it your manager, or the manager of an organisation caring for your family?

Carly Morgan 12/06/19

Hi you have definitely been given the wrong information.
Anyone can raise a concern about care. Not only this but the provider should be welcoming and encouraging feedback about the care provided and any concerns.
I would tell the provider that your friend has the full authority to act on your behalf, and that she will be raising any concerns. Also let them know that she has the details of the local Safeguarding team and CQC whom she will contact if any issues raised aren’t dealt with.

Janis Anderson 14/06/19

It is important that all people providing care, and the families of clients, are able to raise concerns and work together to improve standards and safety. In the first instance the care company should be open and willing to discuss any concerns, and if you don't get a response that satisfies you, raise it with the CQC. And I agree that anyone visiting is able to raise concerns and can expect them to be responded to.

Rosalie Smith 14/06/19

Hi thanks for your replies, now I know my thinking is right and I will be writing her a letter saying that mum friends can speak to staff if they pick up bad care.

Rosalie Smith 29/08/19

Hello all I did follow up with a letter and was taken note of so thank you to all for support.
When visiting mum yesterday a letter was left in her flat from management saying
Care time calls were being changed.
I had discussed last week with management call times for am and said I was happy to give it a try if Benefit to her.
However when visiting yesterday I was made aware from staff that pm visits had all been changed as well with no discussion with me.
My mum has dementia and is not able to speak up now, and is in fact end of life.
The letter left was addressed “Dear Kathleen”

This has not been I feel looked at “person centred”, and one concern is the lunch time visit of 1230pm, is left in place, and mum is not eating much at this call but has been eating better at her 4.30pm visit. This has now been changed to 5,30pm, I feel this is a big gab now without food, from 1230pm to 5.30pm.
Interested in some thoughts from you.

Also other residents who have no family were telling me yesterday they have had a lot of changes to their call times with just sent a letter.
I was under the impression in extra care housing this should be person centred.?

Your thoughts appreciated.