Keeping our spirits up in times of adversity

Jan Burns Moderator 16/03/20 Dignity Champions forum

Calling all champions. Never in my lifetime have we experienced such a pandemic as Covid 19. Let’s use this forum and our Dignity in action facebook page to support each other - share your concerns - share how you are managing yourself or your services - help people to keep their spirits up. All will be well - let’s do it together.

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Rosalie Smith 16/03/20

I would like to see all care staff tested who are looking after family, when us family members are informed we are not allowed to visit?
We should know some social activities within the care home setting are being ut in place to avoid isolation for these people.

Liz Taylor 17/03/20

Its a difficult balance between respecting the needs of others and making sure our loved ones are cared for as w would want. I know that by visiting my Mum I am running the risk of giving her something that I might be carrying, and would certainly not visit if I felt ill, but if I was caring for her I would have to be there regardless so its about being as careful as I can taking extra precautions and practicing a high level of infection control practice. It is such a difficult time but it has to be about making the right choices.

Debbie Twinn 18/03/20

At The Burlington Care Home in Shepperton we have restricted visiting to all but those which are essential. This includes family members, contractors, and deliveries. To support the residents and their family members we have set up a number of Ipads and our staff are making regular facetime calls to families with their loved ones. Our activities team are also working hard to keep residents engaged and active and are also communicating with families through facebook on a daily basis to reassure families that their loved ones are safe and well.

We have a strict infection control regime and any staff who may be feeling unwell are asked not to come to work, this also extends to if they have been in contact with anyone who is also showing signs of being unwell.

Our main aim is to ensure all our residents are kept healthy at this very difficult time.

jane finnerty 31/03/20

thanks Jan I think many are probably feeling powerless so its great ti see what people can do and achieve