How can you get vaccinated against Covid without registering with a GP?

mike stone 01/06/21 Dignity Champions forum

I downloaded the attached NHS pdf earlier today. It is explicit (page 8) that you should be able to get the Covid vaccine without being registered with a GP. HOW do you book a jab, if you are not registered with a GP - does anyone know how it is done?

A friend of mine, and I, have both been trying to work out how it is actually done - and neither of us has been able to find out (what you find is guidance on how to register with a GP, and how to book if you are registered with a GP: but that FAQs pdf specifically says you can get the jab without being registered with a GP).

So if anyone knows how it is done, please post and tell us.

PS I have no idea, why page 4 is blank except for the page number - it downloaded like that.

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mike stone 12/06/21

When I noticed that BOOTS in Coventry was doing the jab, a couple of days ago, I asked about this. A very helpful chap behind the pharmacy counter, used his skills in Navigating the NHS website and tracked down something which says you can book a jab via the 119 number, without being registered with a GP (see the image). About thirty minutes ago, I phoned 119 and the woman at 119 said she (and her colleagues) were unable to arrange for a vaccination, unless a caller is registered with a GP. She said 'their system did not allow them to do it'. So: it seems the NHS website says you can access the Covid vaccination without being registered with a GP, via the 119 number - but, if you call 119, then 119 tell you it isn't possible. NOT a satisfactory state of affairs, in my opinion. I am not sure, if I will be able to track down the document from which the kind gentleman at BOOTS printed the relevant pages for me.

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