How can Patients and Relatives change the behaviour of the NHS?

mike stone 11/06/21 Dignity Champions forum

After being a 'lay-campaigner (in my case, around End-of-Life behaviour, especially when the dying person is at home) for about a decade, I have put some of my thoughts about how patients and relatives might attempt to 'change NHS behaviour' in the attached PDF.

If other people with experience if trying to do something similar would care to add their own thoughts to this thread, please feel free to do that. But please note - I am writing about 'behaviour, culture and mindsets of 'the system' being changed: I am not writing about mistakes and bad-behaviour, made by individual clinicians. My piece is not about 'that particular doctor behaved badly' - I am writing about what amounts to 'doctors as a group, behaving in ways that seem unreasonable or unacceptable when viewed from the patient or relative perspective'.

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