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Hi everyone,
I’m a PhD researcher at Bath Spa University, interested in improving the well-being of older adults (without dementia) living in care/assisted living homes. I’m currently developing a questionnaire to measure residents’ well-being so would like to share this research with you in case one would be interested in taking part.

The study has received ethical approval and involves residents, family, friends or staff providing their opinions on what is important for residents’ well-being and quality of life. Family, friends or staff can take part online and read more about the study here:

The questionnaire takes around 20 minutes to complete online, but if you would prefer to take part by post or face to face please get in contact with me (email: [log in to view email address] Tel: 07383620919). I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more information.
Thanks very much,

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Carol Roughley 14/09/18

Hi Georgina

My thesis focused on nutrition in nursing homes, wellbeing definitely featured as a sub-theme. I would be happy to share. The transition phase from their own home into residential care often impact on wellbeing and QOL. As a nurse I worked as Clinical Lead for a while in a nursing home, and communial dining, which relates back to my thesis was instrumental in enhancing QOL. Good luck Carol

mike stone 17/09/18

Hi Georgina and Carol, out of interest - have you (Georgina) 'promoted' your questionnaire on social media such as Twitter, as well? As it happens, I've recently been discussing the use of social media for healthcare research with some nurses and a doctor on Twitter, and 'ethical approval' is something I mentioned in a piece just published in a blog on BMJSPC:

The piece was sent in by the doctor who suggested that I write a piece, and it was somewhat rushed in terms of 'editing' because we wanted it to be available to be pointed at - the doctor changed the first sentence a little from my draft, but the thrust of the piece is clear. If 'slightly opaque' - what I was getting at, is that bereaved relatives who think the NHS 'did something wrong' can use Twitter, etc, in a very 'nimble' way, to contact each other and to make each other much better-informed. That will mean that angry bereaved relatives, will be able to better and presumably more successfully present their formal complaints about the NHS, which in turn will cost 'the NHS' more time and more money. So, presumably 'NHS management' will want to try and address that - it seems to me that allowing and encouraging clinicians to engage on social media, has to be a part of the solution.

Georgina Hughes 03/10/18

Hi Carol, that sounds really interested and I would love to read it. Would you be happy to send me your thesis or link me to any papers you published?

Mike -Thanks for your suggestion of using Twitter. I have just emailed you back so hopefully you have received this.

Carol Roughley 03/10/18

If you send me your email address Georgina I will send my thesis to you.

Georgina Hughes 25/10/18

Hi Carol - it's [log in to view email address]
Looking forward to reading it - thanks!