Has anyone had 'Covid Finger' - especially with no other symptoms?

mike stone 25/06/21 Dignity Champions forum

Has anyone had 'Covid Finger' and/or 'Covid Toe'? I am an elderly guy - mid-to-late sixties, and I had heard of Covid Toe. But I had thought it was something people already ill with Covid (for example in hospital) get - and I had never seen what it looked like.

In February and March, I had a weird thing going on with my hands: lesions appearing. I had no other signs of Covid: no fever, no cough, no headache - nothing! But a couple of days ago, I stumbled onto some photos of Covid Finger: I cannot 'prove it', but I am persuaded that I had Covid.

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mike stone 26/06/21

A few additions and corrections to the PDF - starting with Tim SpectOR!

I am not sure if I made it clear, that all of my lesions were on the top, or sometimes side, of my fingers: nothing abnormal was happening on the palm (plantar) side of my hand.

At the top of the third page of the PDF, there are two photos of Covid Toes. The top photo, reminds me of my left big toe, which was the first sign of things to come for me. But the photo next to top, looks much more like 'a normal chilblain' to my eyes.

Which brings me to an interesting point. I suspect, that when people are ill, sometimes pre-existing conditions are also made worse - so some of these skin lesions shown on the internet, might be 'nascent' conditions, which 'flare up because of Covid'. The piece from the internet at the bottom of page 2, suggests that of the many 'observed rashes', Covid Fingers and Toes are the most diagnostic of Covid. I have had in the past 'sore toes' which resemble some of the photos from the internet - but I have never had the bad skin on my hands before. And where I do sometimes get problems with my hands in the winter - cracked skin between the knuckles, and less-often a bit of tenderness/swelling at the end of a finger - I did NOT have lesions during this weird episode.

When I tweeted about this, a doctor promptly tweeted back 'you didn't have a positive Covid test - you have not proved you had Covid': which is true. And - during Covid Peaks, and accompanying lockdowns, how often would people whose only symptom was 'a weird skin problem on the fingers' actually think 'I need a Covid test'. And, even if tested, would I have tested positive? One of the online pieces I read, suggested that Covid Finger occurs towards the end of the illness. So, if I had Covid Finger, perhaps it was after I had 'cleared' the virus from my respiratory tract and lungs (and I had no cold-type symptoms: no cough, no headache, no sore throat, no fever, no anything {at one stage last winter, I did have an unusually runny nose for a few days, even by my standards - and my sinuses are pretty hopeless, combined with 'a history of hayfever', so such things never come as much of a surprise: I cannot remember when the runny nose was, compared to the hand thing}). And the tests are in the mouth and up the nostril: if the virus by then was only in my skin, would I have tested positive? Who knows - I certainly don't know!

It just seems to me, that this 'new and weird' skin rash, occurring during a Covid Peak, and having it seems been observed as associated with Covid, makes it very likely indeed that I had Covid.

Which - for me personally, as an oldish guy - is reassuring: assuming it was indeed Covid, then I suffered almost trivial symptoms. I wish everyone who catches Covid, only had to put up with hand lesions for a few weeks, because Covid is horribly damaging and sometimes lethal for many people.

Anyway, if any readers have had Covid Finger and Toe, please feel free to post your account of what it was like.

mike stone 26/06/21

I felt sure that 'nascent' wasn't the word I wanted in the previous piece, but the right word wouldn't come to me - 'latent' is the word which couldn't come me.

mike stone 17/07/21


There is piece about Covid Toe, which I have just found on the BBC website.

mike stone 10/08/21

Images of Covid skin rashes, including Covid Finger, at https://covidskinsigns.com

Several of the photos look identical to my own experience.

mike stone 13/08/21

The images are from


These images - although my fingers were affected more badly than my toes - look exactly like the skin lesions I had.

I think it is the 'I've never had a 'rash' like this before', along with finding the 'rash' in the database, which is the important thing if you are to conclude 'so my skin lesions mean I've got/had Covid'. And the sheer number of different skin effects, makes this very complicated.

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