Do Television cameras and Presenters filming Covid Patients v Dignity

Jan Charles 17/04/20 Dignity Champions forum

I am disgusted-In the i newspaper today 17.4.20 an article by Laura Harding mentions the visit to a C-19 ward in Milton Keynes by Ross Kemp and camera crew.
He was dressed in PPE which I believe may have meant that the very sick patients thought he was a medic. Kemp states that the documentary film" was to demonstrate how all of the staff in the NHS are doing such sterling work"
To which I say bunkum .
This was a cheap journalistic foray, which in my opinion seriously undermines the dignity of these poor patients.

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kevin SLATER 17/04/20

bang on the money Jan, I am disgusted at the way the media is harnessing this crisis as mainstream entertainment, coronavirus specials etc etc, Yes we have to be informed but not every second of every day,i have given up watching television even the morning programmes are ramming it down the public throats if people like Holly and Phil etc are deemed key workers then i give up, if they really want to be key then they should be donating some of the millions they make in salary, we already know what these staff are going through, we certainly do not need another ex actor come presenter to get this message across leave them alone to do there job with dignity and out of respect and empathy for those being treated,
Stay safe and stay well all