Do Television cameras and Presenters filming Covid Patients v Dignity

Jan Charles 17/04/20 Dignity Champions forum

I am disgusted-In the i newspaper today 17.4.20 an article by Laura Harding mentions the visit to a C-19 ward in Milton Keynes by Ross Kemp and camera crew.
He was dressed in PPE which I believe may have meant that the very sick patients thought he was a medic. Kemp states that the documentary film" was to demonstrate how all of the staff in the NHS are doing such sterling work"
To which I say bunkum .
This was a cheap journalistic foray, which in my opinion seriously undermines the dignity of these poor patients.

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kevin SLATER 17/04/20

bang on the money Jan, I am disgusted at the way the media is harnessing this crisis as mainstream entertainment, coronavirus specials etc etc, Yes we have to be informed but not every second of every day,i have given up watching television even the morning programmes are ramming it down the public throats if people like Holly and Phil etc are deemed key workers then i give up, if they really want to be key then they should be donating some of the millions they make in salary, we already know what these staff are going through, we certainly do not need another ex actor come presenter to get this message across leave them alone to do there job with dignity and out of respect and empathy for those being treated,
Stay safe and stay well all

Maureen Asefeso 18/04/20

Jan and Kevin, you both took the words out of my mouth! shouldn't that that PPE that Ross is running around wasting could have been used by the actual healthcare workers to do their jobs. Jobs we already know and clap for every week? Considering the shortage of PPE being faced by the country.

The way the patients looked, they are in absolute agony and I doubt they would've given consent to be filmed at this crucial and challenging time. I really don't think this was necessary to use as a money earner or profile building for the ex actor. Why can't he just wait till this trying time is over and gangs and thieves are at it again and he can go film that!
I'm more annoyed by the programme editors who seriously think that filming patients and staff at this crucial time is educational or value for money. It isn't , infarct its called capitalising on vulnerable people's misery.
Everyone in hospital and fighting this enemy virus, fight on and all stay safe.

Jan Charles 20/06/20

Dear all. I agree with your views. I have therefore penned a letter to my MP Chris Loader. Please see the main letter below.

Hello Chris Loader

I belong to a group that campaigns for patient dignity called 'Dignity in Care' (DIC). Although I am writing to you as a constituent, I am also writing to you because of the concerns that some members of DIC have expressed. I make it clear that I hold no office within the group other than being a member. However, I will copy this e-mail onto the main DIC discussion group page.

There has been an on-line discussion regarding the filming and photographing of critically ill patients who are unable to consent or object to this journalistic intrusion because of their ill health, amongst some of the DIC group members. One member referred to the 'capitalising on the MISERY of vulnerable people'.

I know the faces of these patients are often fogged over. That is not the point. One patient was also filmed dying, although the camera only focussed on the patient's feet. I use the word VILE while drawing a parallel between this shameful activity, and the crowds who historically enjoyed watching public punishments for their amusement.

I know you are busy Chris, but I do so hope you are able to find the time to draw this issue to the attention of those who may be able to curtail such journalistic behaviour.

Kindest regards


Jan Charles 20/06/20

As you can see, my response has been to email my MP Chris Loder.
Please read the letter and write to your MP.

I hope Dignity in Care will ask their Ambassador Dame Joan Bakewell to take this issue to the Upper House.