Dignity action day. February 1st. 2019

Debra Sautner 11/02/19 Dignity Champions forum

Our care team joined together at a staff meeting and a senior gave a talk at the end of the meeting regarding dignity action day, the importance of this approach in all areas of care and what it means to those in our care, when it comes to human dignity there can be NO concessions, it is respect, compassion and understanding the unique and individual persons that deserve a happy and full daily life with fulfilment, choice and independence.
The senior and the manager handed out a dignity awareness task that we as a team were able to do together and input this for a dignity action plan .
As a care team we understand the vital need of dignity for our residents and toward each other to set ongoing examples.

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Debra Sautner 11/02/19

Dignity shouldn’t have to be planned or thought about it should always be a part of what we do in all we do.
This is why our team added it to a staff meeting because it’s something we do everyday all day.
It’s simply a part of our care in everything we do and we are rewarded greatly by the trust, the smiles and the happiness of our residents.