Dignity Pegs/clips for hospital curtains

Kirsten Brisbourne 04/06/19 Dignity Champions forum

I am keen to try and launch the use of Dignity Pegs within Trust where I work.
Prior to approaching the Trust I would like to know if anyone else has experience of using them in an acute hospital setting. If so, I'd like to know the following;

- How long ago were they introduced and are they still used?
- Were all staff receptive to using and respected the patient's dignity when the peg was in place?
- Did you face any problems with launching them, i.e. infection control, patient safety issues?
- How did/do patient's feel about the pegs?
- What company did you purchase the pegs from?

Thank you in anticipation of any responses.
Kirsten Brisbourne

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Darren Evans 20/10/20

Patient Dignity Curtain Pegs are now White, with a solid Red print - now to both sides. So they are more visible. Available from just 50 units (1 box) from stock.

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