Dignity Danceathon

Jan Burns Moderator 10/07/17 Dignity Champions forum

The Dignity in Care network is about putting Dignity at the heart of everything we do.

We have over 86,000 Dignity Champions, who I am sure really do believe in promoting Dignity for everyone as a human right. Dignity Champions are committed to making a positive difference. They have always had access to free resources, e.g. audits, posters, training aids, newsletter all helpful in spreading the word about the importance of Dignity.

My colleagues at the National Dignity Council and I work tirelessly to access funding to get these resources to our Champions and to make sure our website provides the information our Champions need.

We want to keep this campaign alive, to continue to provide all the resources (and more) but to do this we need funds.

Sponsored Dignity Danceathon

We are asking Champions to think about holding a fund raising activity for Dignity during the month of October, with the following focus:-

This is a chance for everyone no matter what age, ability or skill to have a go.  We are inviting you to hold a Sponsored Dignity Danceathon. What are your ideas? How many people can you get together – how long collectively can they all dance for? Whether it’s a wiggle in a wheelchair, a fidget on a frame, a kick from the stick or full routine to a genre of music, what can you do?

Please think about this and share your ideas below.  

Sponsorship packages will be available on the website by the end of the month.

I commit to finding a group of friends to relay dance with me for a 24 hour period.

Jan Burns MBE

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nicola reynolds 10/07/17

I dance regularly - forties and fifties swing, jive and rock 'n' roll.

It's a very social occasion - great music, good fun and wonderful exercise!

I commit to finding an opportunity with local event organisers, dance teachers and DJ's to organise a dance with sponsorship where the funds raised can go to the cause.

Jan Burns Moderator 10/07/17

That is exactly what we are looking for Nicola thankyou for your swift response. I look forward to hear how you get on. My friends are already thinking about what music they will dance to.

Paul Robinson 11/07/17

This is an excellent idea. Good luck with the Danceathon.

Jill Newman 12/07/17

I work at a resource centre for older adults although we could not do a 24hour Danceathon I would like to look at getting our service users their carers and other centre staff users etc to take part in this as I think its a great idea quite a lot of fun could be generated would this be possible

Jan Burns Moderator 12/07/17

Hi Jill the aim of this was to be inclusive, raise funds, have fun and do all of that with dignity. Someone could lift a leg or an arm in a chair the time is rather immaterial - the outcome is important, so anything you, your colleagues and people using your services can do will be most welcome. Can't wait to hear what you come up with. Thankyou šŸ˜€

mike stone 13/07/17

Jan, is it possible to donate to DiC using the old-fashioned method of a cheque?

If yes, where are the details [they might be staring me in the face, but I've never spotted them]?

Jan Burns Moderator 13/07/17

Hi Mike this can be found on the resources page to purchase badges. I will have to ask our website technologists to put it on the donations page. Thank you for your continued support to the campaign.
ā„… RNHA John Hewitt House
Tunnel Lane, Off Gifford Lane Kings Norton
Birmingham B30 3JN

mike stone 13/07/17

Thanks Jan,
Best wishes, Mike
PS I hope the danceathon goes well - and I realise that only old dinosaurs like me still use cheques at all.

Jan Burns Moderator 13/07/17

Thank you Mike - I'm sure dinosaurs could dance too lol!!!

Patricia Jones 14/07/17

Such an important campaign! I will organise something and would like it to be a collective effort so I will be in touch after discussions with some of my fellow champions

Jan Burns Moderator 14/07/17

Thankyou so much Patricia I look forward to hearing your collective ideas. You are so right this is a very important campaign.

Sally Leahy 22/08/17

All staff and service users attending Queens Walk Resource Centre (London Borough of Hillingdon) will be participating within a Dignity Danceathon on Friday 20.10.17.
We aim to raise money for the fantastic cause, and have LOTS OF FUN!

Michelle Dale 26/10/17

Tomorrow is our Dignity Disco, Halloween themed but with dignity in our hearts and minds!!

Jan Burns Moderator 27/10/17

Hope you have a fabulous time Michelle I loved participating in the 12 hour Dancethon last Saturday. We really appreciate all support. Keeeep Dancing ā¤ļø

Jill Newman 27/10/17

Blackwell Resource Centre and Jubilee Court held our Dancing in Dignity Day yesterday Thursday 26/10/2017 we had a great time lots of enjoyment and fun and learnt new dances and raised quite a bit of money
can we send monies raised by cheque

Jan Burns Moderator 27/10/17

Wow wow Thankyou all for your support. It is truly appreciated. Iā€™m glad you had a great time. Photos in the memory book on this website would be good. Also join us on the Dignity in action Facebook page This is the address to send cheques to: National Dignity Council c/o RNHA
Derek Whittaker House
(formerly John Hewitt House)
Tunnel Lane
Off Lifford Lane
Kings Norton
B30 3JN

Tracy Richards 10/11/17

We held a tea dance at Fernbank Court, Brayton 28/10/17, in aid of breast cancer care. Entertainment from The Swingettes vintage stroll 40's dancers, enjoyed by all. Raised 500-00 for breast cancer care.