Dignity Action Day - Whats occurring?

Jan Burns Moderator 09/01/18 Dignity Champions forum

February 1st Dignity Action Day will soon be upon us. What activities have you got planned? - do remember to add your events to the map - on this website. Whether you promote this as an individual or as a group/service/organisation we can, by working collaboratively heighten the profile of dignity. We have plenty of resources on this website that can help you. What has worked well for you in the past? Do you need help with anything? Have you got time for Digni-tea?

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Linda Hughes 10/01/18

We at Sycamore Cottage Care Home in Basingstoke have been talking to our residents and family and friends and we all decided that we will have a three day event as I was told one day was not enough. So for the Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be pamper days Obvioously hair and nail care but we will be offereing hand and nail massages . On the actual day we are going to have a High Digni Tea . We are starting to make our own decorations . Everyone is looking forward to the events . I can only say a big thankyou to everyone at Sycamore Cottage for all the help and enthusiasm . Cannot wait to send photo ,s . hope to get lots . I am so looking forward myself

Jan Burns Moderator 11/01/18

Thankyou for your enthusiasm and passion to be responsive Dignity champions at Sycamore I’m sure it will be a great event. Please add to the website map, that’s if you haven’t already. Looking forward to the feedback and photos Linda. ❤️

Laura Hutchings 11/01/18

I currently manage a domiciliary care a team in Harrogate , we will be supporting dignity action day by involving the clients in the community and getting them involved by making a dignity tree , each person will be provided with a leaf so they can write a few lines or poem to tell us how they are treated with dignity and respect.

Linda Hughes 12/01/18

That sounds like a brilliant idea Laura . Good luck and enjoy the day

Jan Burns Moderator 12/01/18

Thankyou for sharing your activity laura. I hope you all have a rewarding and productive time.

khateeja bibi 12/01/18

We will be holding an event on the 1 st too if trying to get in touch with someone in regards to buying the wristbands and badges. Does anyone have a number that I can call? I wanted the children do' s cards. Not getting any relplys. Iv got local school coming in to help us with the tree. Would be nice to give them the cards.
Can anyone help

Lynn Bassett 15/01/18

Hi Warwickshire County Council has started a variety of activities to launch Dignity Day. We are using the Dignity Logo on our signatures, having a Tea afternoon in the office, developing a dignity newsletter to share information and advice with providers and then asking them to send in articles of what they achieved on the day for us to advertise on the council web site and finally we are having a dignity in the office,asking staff how they can improve dignity in the workplace supporting social care. Lynn Bassett and Kate Routh

Jan Burns Moderator 15/01/18

Kateeja there is a facility on this website to order supplies. It goes to Dignity Admin. Thankyou for taking part. Great to get the children involved.
Lyn Ruth. What super ideas to promote the campaign. Well done I’m sure it will inspire others too. Thankyou for getting involved. Let us know any outcomes

Jan Burns Moderator 15/01/18

Don’t forget to put your events on the Dignity Acrion Day map. It’s on this website. Thankyou.