Covid 19 and care homes

Liz Taylor 19/03/20 Dignity Champions forum

There is lots of information around but I came across this which people may find helpful

The dilemma facing Care Homes and Residential based services is relatively simple. How far do you go to protect, safeguard and mitigate the risks to residents in the current situation?

There are several factors which should be considered and the importance of involving other people cannot be overemphasised.

The legal context of a closure to visitors is clear in that there is no legal basis for a blanket closure, until or unless the government changes the advice.

However, you can mitigate risks by open and honest dialogue, good communication channels between you, as the Provider, the Resident and their Family or Representatives.


Signage should be clear on entry of the need to refrain from visiting if they have been to certain oversea areas, display Coronavirus symptoms, or, have within the previous 14 day period attended an unusual large event, such as the theatre, a concert, a large family gathering all of which have heightened the risk of contagion.

Where such visitors have been identified and are unable to visit, telephone communication, skype, social media exchanges should be facilitated with set scheduled access for easier management.
Consider if it’s possible to mitigate risk by agreeing a floor by floor access routine, one floor a day which reduces visiting and mitigates risk.
End of life visiting is the exception. Where possible this visiting should not be restricted except where medically required.
All visiting should be in the Residents own room whilst the current government guidance is in place; with consideration being given to a set number of visitors, with, if it’s easier to manage, a set visiting time, rather than open door visiting. This would be a protective measure for the visitors.
Health professionals whose visits you can’t control would benefit from as little contact with the general public and is a good reason to introduce set visiting routines e.g. 13.30 – 15.00 etc.
Contractors should be utilised only in situations of absolute need such as equipment or utility breakdowns, everything else can wait. This is especially important where contractors go from Home to Home.

In a care home, should you need to isolate, the resident’s room is used.

P.P.E should be in use. Aprons, gloves, and fluid repellent, and, where splashing may occur, eye protection should be used.

As this is an ever changing situation, government briefings are now in place for every day, to update the public, and government advice with change accordingly.

For Providers it is the Department of Health and Social Care for Individuals, it is the Public Health England.

Their websites should be checked daily.

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Alexandra Hayward 20/03/20

We are offering free infection control training around Covid-19, especially to nursing and residential homes and domiciliary companies, none have yet taken us up on it!

Nicola Christianson 20/03/20

Hi, I am interested in this. I would need specific details about your company first as I am responsible for vulnerable adults.

Abdul Mohammed 20/03/20

Yes thank you, great idea
Kindly send me details of your available training

Once again, thanking you

Rosalie Smith 20/03/20

Hi your post was good reading. My mum is in extra care housing, and from the care provider within the building, there has been very little information and communication about visiting and what they are putting in place.
My mum is 97 and end of life care with Dementia and I visit her three times a week, and I do all her shopping.
No guidelines from care provider have really been given out, or communications to use family members,this we are finding very frustrating, surely by now they should be telling us about visiting and what they have been putting into place.

James Grant-Parkes 21/03/20

Hi Alexandra , this looks a great idea - how do I access the training ?

Kind Regards


Pikelele Ndemanga 22/03/20

Please send me more information on how to be enrolled in this course

Jessica Bingley 22/03/20

What a fantastic offer.

Mark Edwards 23/03/20

Great idea Alexandra
Can you please forward the details to me
Kind regards

Mark Edwards
Hospital Manager
0161 438 1750
07813 354 530
Monet Lodge
67 Cavendish Road, Withington, Manchester, M20 1JG
I always try to write my emails using plain English. This is generally more accessible for people with learning disabilities, sensory loss or other communication needs. If there is anything I can do to make this email more accessible for you please let me know.

ruth Pye 23/03/20

Alexandra - I'd be very interested in this also. We are based in Sefton is there a way we can contact you to get some information around this training?

Alexandra Hayward 23/03/20

In regards to the training, if you can let me have your emails I will send you links to the training.
Nicola Christianson, you are right to ask for details about us, we are a health & social care training company, owned and run by qualified nurses, our trainers are all qualified nurses who are still on the register, and are therefore covered by the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct and have enhanced DBS checks in place.
As I'm sure you understand most of my trainers are working extra shifts at the moment, there are a few of us, who due to medical conditions are not able to do this, so we are trying to do our bit in another way.
My email is [log in to view email address] ( I hope I'm allowed to put this on here?)

Rosalie Smith 08/07/20

Can anyone find an answer to this question for me.
Why is testing not happening in extra care housing. It appears that this doesn't fall within the guidelines.
Staff who work in extra care housing, go home every day, and then return and are allocated to different Residents some with Dementia and other on going health issues,